Thursday, September 1, 2011

Maharashtra, the third largest State in Republic of India, has one of the largest police forces in the country. Besides 236 Indian Police Service officers borne on the State Cadre, it consists of 121 Superintendents of Police, 770 Deputy Superintendents of Police, 3136 Inspectors, 2641 Assistant Police Inspectors, 8001 Sub Inspectors and 1,48,912 men (members of constabulary).         Maharashtra, a highly industrialized State with large urban conglomerates, has adopted Commissionerates system for policing its large cities. The State has 10 Commissionerates and 35 district police units. Details about these units as well as special units of Maharashtra Police Department are available under sub-head "Districts & Commissionerates and "Special Units of MPD" on the menu bar of the home page.The motto of Maharashtra Police is . It means that Maharashtra Police is committed to PROTECTING THE RIGHTOUS AND CONTROLLING & ANNIHILATING THE EVIL. Maharashtra Police is headed by Director General of Police. The State police Head Quarter is located at Mumbai.

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